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In total, there are already more than 15,000 of us!

Dear graduates, alumnae and alumni. We want to stay in touch with you. Therefore, we invite you to join our alumni UL community and follow and, if you wish, actively participate in the activities of your faculty/academy alumni club. Final year students and alumni are also welcome.

Alumni Clubs

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All alumni clubs are hosted on the alumniUL portal

When you register on the alumniUL portal, you have the opportunity to:

  • benefit from UL member and UL partner benefits (visits to theatres, museums, film screenings, professional training, etc.),
  • keep in touch with former classmates,
  • keep up to date with the latest industry and UL news,
  • keep track of job vacancies and other business collaboration opportunities,
  • network with professionals in your field and much more.

It's easy to sign up, you can also use your already created Google, Facebook or Linkedin profile. Anyone who is already a member of your UL Alumni Club is welcome to follow the activities organised for you by your faculty/academy Club or the UL Alumni Club network.

Who are the alumni?

The Latin word alumnus (noun alumni) is used to refer to a former student or graduate of an educational institution (school, college, university), while alumna (noun alumnae) refers to a former student or graduate of an all-female institution.

Alumniteka FSD 2


Alumniteka is a series of talks with alumni UL for alumni UL. The talks are held live at various locations of UL faculties and academies.

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