The principles of equality and inclusion determine the university's view of tomorrow and its intergenerational concern for a sustainable future. Equality and inclusion are and must be indispensable chapters of higher education development guidelines and an article of the contract that the university concludes with the social environment.

Our commitment

Equality and inclusion are the heirs of humanistic intellectual formation and the successors of a long era of civilizational plans for a good society. At the University of Ljubljana, we ensure that we are a leading social force in raising awareness, ensuring and promoting the principles of equality and inclusion in education, research and the wider social environment.

We regularly promote tutoring for students with special needs and special status, train student tutors, strengthen the institute of self-advocacy for students with special needs and special status, actively participate in the processes of legislative changes affecting the equality of male and female students, inform, sensitise and guide for the empowerment of vulnerable and neglected persons in our environment. As part of the Srčna UL campaign, we strengthen solidarity, empathetic response to distress and a sense of community. We draw attention to the values of humanity, humanism and collective action for the benefit of our and future generations. We promote the understanding that a public university educates the public and contributes to the common good and quality of life.


Organizational measures

  • Opening of the Office of the Student Ombudsman (4. 4. 2022) and appointment of the first ombudswoman, doc. dr. Milena Košak Babuder
  • New location of the psychosocial counselling service in the premises of the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television and the Rožna Dolina student housing estate.
  • Formation of the advisory committee of the student ombudsman (29. 11. 2022)
  • Training of trusted persons and supervision groups
  • Training of contact persons for students with special needs and special status

Documents in preparation

  • development of guidelines for working with gifted students
  • development of guidelines for the creation of open materials