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We, the EUTOPIA_HEALTH team, are embarking on a journey to explore the dynamic relationship between science and citizens, and we need your invaluable perspective to make a difference.

In a world where scientific advances impact every facet of our lives, understanding the connection between science and society is critical. Your insights can point the way to better communication, collaboration, and mutual understanding. Join us in this noble endeavour by participating in our survey on the relationship between science and citizens. Your contribution is not only welcome, it is essential, and it will only take 8 minutes of your time.

Let us build bridges of knowledge, promote inclusivity, and ignite the spirit of discovery together!

If you are a scientist and would like to participate, please follow this path to the questionnaire in English.

If you are a curious citizen and would like to participate, please follow this path to the questionnaires in English, French, Dutch, Hungarian, Portuguese, Romanian and Slovenian language.

You can find out more about EUTOPIA_HEALTH activities, news and everything else you want to know on the official EUTOPIA_HEALTH website here.

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