During your studying in Slovenia and having a student status you may work via student job centers or, rather, a job referral note.

This allows temporary and part-time work for college and university students. You can work via a special type of contract called referral forms/referrals, which can be obtained from employment agencies specialized for student work. Agencies, called Student Services (SS), offer lists of available student jobs and take care of payments. There are many different agencies around Slovenia.

You can also work via the Student Service agency if you are a student from a foreign country and are living in Slovenia through international exchange programmes (studying or internship).

For enrolment with the SS agency system you need to provide:

When you have all the above, go to the chosen agency and enrol in their system. The agencies have lists of available jobs, but you can also find a job on your own and inform the agency about the company. The agency will provide you with a referral form, which you give to the employer. These are the conditions for working in Slovenia as a student.

A crucial change for student work was made in February 2015 when an act was passed amending the fiscal balance, whereby all student employment agencies, including those using foreign students, have to deduct an amount of 15.5% for contributions to pension and disability insurance. Thus a student receiving the minimum possible payment of €7.21 will have €1.01 deducted as the contribution to pension and disability insurance. After the deduction the student receives €6.20 in his/her account).

All international students working through SS agencies are also deducted 22.5% of each payment for the purposes of the prepayment of income tax. In those cases where there is a signed treaty for the avoidance of double taxation with the student’s country of origin, the prepayment can be refunded. To find information about which countries fall under this rule, it is best to refer to the tax administration office.

More information about the Student Service agency and student work