The call for enrolment to Master's degree programmes at the University of Ljubljana for the academic year 2024/2025 is now open. Applications will be opened on a rolling basis for each member or programme and will remain open until the deadlines published in the call.

The University of Ljubljana is inviting applications for enrolment in master’s study programmes for the 2024/2025 academic year. Applications will be opened in stages for each University of Ljubljana member faculty or programme, and will remain open up to the deadlines published in the call.

The University of Ljubljana’s art academies and faculties (UL members) offer a wide range of second-cycle master’s study programmes. The programmes build on the first-cycle programmes in all fields of study and subjects offered by UL members. The University of Ljubljana also offers accredited interdisciplinary master’s study programmes (developed and delivered jointly by several members), as well as joint programmes with other national and international higher education institutions.

The call for enrolment is divided into three parts. The joint part for the call contains information relevant for understanding the second part of the call and the application procedure. The second part lists the available accredited master’s study programmes, grouped by the UL member offering them. The contact details of UL members where further information can be obtained are also provided. This is followed by a table showing the number of places available by study programme.

For each study programme, the following information is provided: programme name, subject of study (where relevant), programme duration, admission requirements and selection criteria in the event of admission restrictions. The admission requirements of some study programmes also include aptitude tests. Other information or guidance relevant to applicants is also given for each study programme. Any restrictions on study programmes, such as the threshold number of applicants enrolled for the first year, are indicated for each programme in the table at the end of the call.

Further information concerning the application and enrolment in each study programme can be obtained from UL members using the contact details provided.

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Information days for Master's programmes

In the attachmenent below you will find the dates of the Information days for the Master's degree programmes at the member institutions of the University of Ljubljana.

Call for applications for enrolment to Master's degree study programmes at the University of Ljubljana in 2024/2025 is published only in Slovenian language.

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