Publish date

29. 3. 2024


Call for tender

In the 2024/2025 academic year, the University of Ljubljana is issuing a call for enrolment in 22 doctoral study programmes. In this academic year, the interdisciplinary doctoral study programme in Art, which is a novelty in the Slovenian higher education sector, will be announced for the first time.

The call comprises a joint part, which contains relevant information on the call for enrolment, and a special second part, in which individual doctoral programmes are presented in greater detail, along with the member faculties and academies providing the programmes, the envisaged number of enrolment places, application deadlines and other information and instructions relevant for the

Detailed information on doctoral study programmes is available here.

In accordance with Article 14 of the Rules and Regulations on Doctoral Study at the University of Ljubljana, a candidate is obliged by the end of the application deadline to come to an agreement with a higher education teacher or a scientific researcher regarding supervision/co-supervision, whereby upon enrolment at the latest, the student must submit both the teacher’s/researcher’s written consent to act as a supervisor/co-supervisor and a short conceptual plan of the research work.