The Participation of the University of Ljubljana in European Programmes

UL is very active in international research and education programmes. In the programming period 2007-2013, the UL altogether cooperated in 745 European projects, including 163 FP7 projects, which ranked UL in the first place in the EU-13 countries among the research organisations (source MIRRIS report). In 2021, UL was involved in 585 European projects. Up to now, the UL has been involved in 223 HORIZON2020 projects (including 6 ERC grants, 2 ERA-CHAIR, 2 Twinning project and 34 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions), 251 ERASMUS+ KA2, K3, Jean Monnet and Sport projects and 112 projects of the European territorial cooperation programme. 

In European projects it is important to take care of proper financial management. On the following link there are short guidelines on what requires special attention in the financial management of EU projects, especially the H2020 projects, to reduce financial risks.  

UL is also very active in the projects financed by Structural Funds in Slovenia (ERDF, ESF), INTERREG and Transnational Cooperation Programme. It holds 2 Centers of Excellence  and is partner in 6 other Centers of Excellence. It also cooperates with the industry partners in all 7 Competence centers and in one Development center of Slovenian industry, all financed by ERDF. 

List of EU and international projects at University of Ljubljana (updated in February 2022)


OID (Organisational Identification Code)of the University of Ljubljana is E10209243

PIC (Participant Identity Code) of the University of Ljubljana is 999923240

Erasmus+ accreditation type: ERAPLUS-ECHE

Accreditation reference ECHE 2021-2027: 101009159 - ECHE - UL

Accreditation reference ECHE 2014-2020: 65996-LA-1-2014-1-SI-E4AKA1-ECHE

The LEAR for the University of Ljubljana is:

Staška Mrak Jamnik, MSc
Head of Office for Research

Kongresni trg 12
1000 Ljubljana 




The main objective of BESTPRAC is to promote a better and more consistent administration of transnational research projects, thereby supporting excellence in research. The action will raise the understanding of the importance of excellence administration of research projects. 

Specifically, the network of BESTPRAC establishes connections between research projects administrators (including legal, administrative and financial staff in universities and other research institutions) in order to overcome their isolation, stimulate mobility and encourage professional development. This helps strengthen the retention and recruitment of project administrators and emphasizes the need and importance of a profession that guarantees high quality support to S&T collaborative projects and networks across Europe. Cost Bestprac participants from University of Ljubljana are Head of Office for European Projects Staška Mrak Jamnik, M.Sc. and European project consultant Rebeka Lesjak.

More information can be found at the BESTPRAC webpage