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The Academy of Music is active in the fields of humanities and arts. The research group of the Academy unites the scientists and researchers who are engaged in research problems in the field of special music didactics, musicology, music theory, composition and performance practice.

The Academy of Music conducts artistic activity in the field of music. Annually, it organizes more than 100 concert events, which may present an opportunity for firms to host business partners. Ensembles, chamber groups and soloists can also perform in various promotional events. The Academy maintains excellent cooperation with Slovenian public cultural institutions and has richly ramified international activities.

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The Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television was founded in 1945 and is the only higher education institution in Slovenia providing education in the field of theatre and film. The teaching process at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels is linked to the programmes’ artistic and research work and is based on individual pedagogical work. In addition to developing students' practical skills and techniques, the Academy offers a wide range of academic knowledge. Teachers at the Academy are leading experts and researchers in the field of theatre, radio, film and television, in line with its pedagogical, research, artistic and public work, as well as scientific excellence, all guided by academic and creative freedom, autonomy and humanism.

The Academy comprises three departments – the Department of Theatre and Radio, the Department of Film and Television, and the Department of Dramaturgy and Performing Arts – plus the Theatre and Film Studies Centre. The pedagogical activity at the departments takes place within the four fields of study: acting, theatre directing, film, television and dramaturgy, while the basic activity of the Theatre and Film Studies Centre is collecting and storing information and documentation in the field of theatre, radio, film and television. The Centre manages large collections of books and other visual materials and also conducts research projects in the field of performing arts and audiovisual media. Research work is carried out in the field of theatre, film and interartistic research.

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The Academy of Fine Arts and Design carries out artistic and planning production in the fields of art and design, and it performs other services and works for activities that require the knowledge and skills of the Academy. In addition, it specialises in restoration and offers services and works in the field of restoration and conservation of works of fine art.

The Academy is active in the following artistic fields:

  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Restoration and conservation of works of fine art
  • Visual communications design
  • Industrial and unique design. 

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Architecture as a generalistic research field is in itself interdisciplinary and vitally tied to a wider field of research. Architectural theory and architectural design in terms of the arts extends to the area of humanism; urban design primarily connects engineering and social sciences; architectural design as construction technique connects humanities with engineering, to an extent also with biotechnical fields (e.g. with landscape architecture). Thus, the Faculty of Architecture (FA) is engaged in researching architecture, urban planning, interior design, digital design, architectural technology... From basic to applied and development research it focuses through optics of sustainable development on professional education, research training at the doctoral level and on lifelong learning in architecture. As such, it is engaged in the whole range of research between the theoretical and practical poles, at both extremes and pointedly in the search for a dynamic balance between the two. 

The results of architectural design may be socially recognized as works of art. At the level of scientific research it is about the investigation of architecture as art and its interpretation (architectural theory and criticism, theory of presentation, methodological research of achieving visual effects in space…). The artistic research is continuously developed through the very process of architectural design. Thus, in the research community germinate and grow the empirical comprehensions for the creation of fresh architectural solutions. 


The research activity of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering (NTF) of the University of Ljubljana is interdisciplinary. It extends to the fields of natural sciences, technology and art, where it incorporates research in the following areas:

  • matter (geology, mining)
  • organic and inorganic materials (textile, graphic, metallic, non-metallic, composite)
  • production and processing technologies (textile and graphic technology, geotechnology, metallurgy)
  • information technologies
  • textile and graphic design
  • fashion design
  • environmental protection. 

Scientific-research and artistic work is carried out in four departments of the NTF, namely:

  • Department of Geology (OG)
  • Department of Materials and Metallurgy (OMM)
  • Department of Geotechnology, Mining and the Environment (OGRO)
  • Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design (OTGO). 

Researchers work within thirteen research groups. Research work includes fundamental, applied and development research financed from public funds of the Republic of Slovenia, the European Community and other international sources, as well as funds acquired on the market. Seven research programmes funded by the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS) are carried out within the NTF. The NTF operates as a framework research organization (RO) in five research programmes and is a participating RO in two such programmes. 

In the context of programmes funded by the ARRS the NTF also operates the Research Infrastructure Centre RIC UL-NTF, which includes all the large equipment of the NTF and offers expert and instrumental support for research work. The RIC UL-NTF is integrated in the Network of Research and Infrastructural Centres of the University of Ljubljana (UL MRIC).  

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