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Dear prospective student,

Every new academic year offers new opportunities for academic and personal growth, and we are looking forward to encouraging you along this exciting journey of learning and discovery. We are happy to welcome you to this information package of our degree programmes and hope you find something of your interest.

Bachelor degree programmes at our university range accross all fields of art, humanities, natural sciences and technology. They are internationally renown, comparable and professionaly attractive, which provides for good and varied international mobility of students and staff. Programmes are interdisciplinary or offer combination between disciplines and professional fields, so many more options are open for individual choices of study.

Students are at the heart of our community and the motivation of our faculty and staff. With a student body of more than 40,000, we are encouraged to learn from each other and from the variety of possibilities, offered by study, social, cultural, recreational, sports and extracurricular activities in our diverse academic community. Our commitment to academic excellence and diversity of activities  is confirmed by the international university rankings and many other national and international recognitions of study and research achievements of our academic and research community.

We are inviting you to start your academic path with us, boost you personal and professional career options and become a valuable member of our proud and creative academic community.


Enrika Črnivec-podpis

Enrika Črnivec, Head of the University Office for Higher Education Application and Information Service

Polonca Miklavc Valenčič, Head of the University Office for Bachelor and Master Degree Programmes

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  • Bachelor academic degree programmes - 180 or 240 ECTS credit points and of 3 or 4 years duration
  • Bachelor professional degree programmes - 180 ECTS credit points and of 3 years duration
  • Single-cycle master degree programmes - 300 or 360 ECTS credit points and of 5 or 6 years duration

University Members (faculties and academies) offer 157 bachelor and single-cycle master degree programmes in the academic year 2019/2020. Calls for enrolment are published every year in February. Programmes cover contents from all academic fields, i.e. humanities, social sciences, arts, engineering and natural sciences. Furthermore, members provide single-cycle master degree programmes for EU regulated professions, such as medicine, dental medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy and architecture. Bachelor degree programmes last 3 or 4 years, while the single–cycle master degree programmes last 5 or 6 years.

The listed  fees for individual degree programmes are valid for the 2019/2020 academic year. Administrative costs and compulsory health insurance are not included in the  fees. These needs to be taken care of before the start of the studies.

Fee is paid by:

  • students of non-EU countries, excluding persons granted international protection, applicants for international protection and persons from countries with which the Republic of Slovenia has concluded bilateral agreement (Slovenia has concluded bilateral agreements with Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo);
  • all students with already acquired equivalent degree of education;
  • all part-time students.


SLO – degree programme is provided in Slovenian
ENG – degree programme is provided in English
cENG – degree programme will be provided in English if the required number of students enrol in the programme (as determined in the Call for enrolment)
SLO required - the candidates have to provide evidence of Slovenian language skills proficiency at level B2 of Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR)

Combined - degree programme which are provided in pairs of two (e.g. Geography and History)

Transfer - available places only for transfer

– academic degree programme
PP- professional degree programme
SCM – single-cycle master degree programme

The candidates have to provide evidence of Slovenian language skills proficiency at level B2 of Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR), if they wish to enrol at the University of Ljubljana: