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At its 2nd session on 25 January 2022, the Committee for Doctoral Studies of the University of Ljubljana adopted Guidelines for research data management planning for PhD students at the University of Ljubljana.

Part of the guidelines are forms for preparing data management plan (DMP) in doctoral studies:

DMP Draft when submitting your doctoral dissertation proposal

DMP at the presentation of the results of the research or at the submission of the doctoral dissertation

In accordance with Article 50 of the Rules and Regulations for Doctoral Studies at the University of Ljubljana (applicable to the generation of doctoral students enrolled from the academic year 2021/2022 onwards), research data produced and collected for the purposes of a doctoral dissertation must be published or otherwise made available in a way that makes it findable, accessible, interoperable, and re-usable and re-evaluable.

The purpose of developing a Data Management Plan (DMP) is for PhD students to consider, from the very beginning of their research careers, how the data collected or generated in the course of their PhD research will be preserved and made accessible to others. Students can, in consultation with their supervisiors, use the template to prepare the DMP, or a different template depending on the specificities of the science or discipline.

The Science Europe form can also help plan the research data management.

Frequently asked questions related to the drafting of the data management plan (DMP) in doctoral studies and to storing research data

Doctoral students, supervisors and UL members can send their requests on topics related to the research data management about which they would like to learn more to doktorski.studij@uni-lj.si.

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