Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana (UL FF) is one of the founding members of the University of Ljubljana. It educates students and produces top-quality, open-minded and critical thinkers in the humanities and social sciences, as well as in the education of teachers in these fields. It pays special attention to strengthening the disciplines of national importance, which co-create the Slovenian identity. It integrates scientific knowledge into the study process by building on traditions to create a new quality, essential for Slovenian self-awareness and for the Faculty's creative presence in the international arena.

Scientific research is another core activity of the Faculty. The Scientific Research Institute of the Faculty of Arts (ZIFF) is the organisational unit that organises and coordinates the scientific research work at the Faculty. The Institute brings together about 450 researchers and manages about 100 national and international projects annually. The Institute's research is recognised in Slovenia and internationally and represents fundamental and applied research in:

Humanities: anthropology, archaeology, ethnology, philosophy, geography, linguistics, cultural studies, literature, musicology, art history and historiography, and social sciences: information science and librarianship, psychology, sociology, education and education.

The Faculty of Arts Scientific Publishing House publishes the latest research achievements in the humanities and social sciences, which are brought together by the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. With about 70 new titles per year, our publishing house is among the largest scientific publishing houses in the humanities and social sciences in the country and thus makes an important contribution to the dissemination of scientific research and teaching work and the visibility of the Faculty of Arts. The Scientific Research Institute publishes scientific monographs in its own collection Razprave FF.

Faculty of Theology

The Faculty of Theology of the University of Ljubljana (UL TEOF) is one of the co-founders of the University of Ljubljana. Studies and scientific research activities take place in Ljubljana and at the Unit in Maribor.

The TEOF ensures the quality of teaching and scientific research. It aims to train students to reflect critically on the themes of social reality, the here and now and transcendence, interpersonal relations, faith, revelation, canon law, morality and education. It offers knowledge in the humanities and the social sciences, mainly in the philosophical and theological disciplines. The latter include: biblical-exegetical theology, historical theology, systematic theology, practical theology. It offers students of Marriage and Family Studies the skills for counselling, teaching, research and preventive work in various areas of marriage and family issues.

The Faculty of Theology is an autonomous and creative academic community of teachers, researchers, students and other collaborators. It implements the National Higher Education Programme and the National Programme of Scientific Research.

The Faculty's research and development work is carried out in the framework of scientific institutes, which are linked to related departments and other research organisations outside the Faculty, which participate in the Faculty's scientific and research work. Scientific research activities are also accelerated by programme groups and individual project groups. Researchers publish in national and international scientific publications.

The Faculty has its own core publishing activity, which is responsible for publishing the latest findings of the Faculty's teachers, researchers and collaborators, as well as translations of foreign scientific achievements, especially in the field of theology.

Scientific research is published in book collections( Acta Theologica Sloveniae, Scientific Library, TEOF Handbooks and Religious Studies) and in scientific journals( Bogoslovni vestnik, Acta Ecclesiastica, Edinost in dialog).