• Each Multidisciplinary Research and Development Centre (MRDC) has the following roles and tasks:

    • Development and networking: contributing to the overall professional development of each multidisciplinary field, with a strong interdisciplinary focus, organising international workshops and involving exchanges of experts and students with leading institutions in Europe and worldwide, and acting as a bridge between academia, research and business.
    • Research: brings together, connects, stimulates and assists different researchers in the field. This allows researchers from different fields to provide expertise in different aspects, thus building on existing knowledge and developing new solutions in a particular multidisciplinary field.
    • Career, application and motivation: brings together examples of good practice, motivates students/young people and facilitates the recruitment of young PhD students and postdoctoral fellows.
    • Pedagogical: aims to integrate this theme into existing programmes in higher education and other educational institutions and to further develop education in this field.

Centre for Microprocessing Engineering and Technology - COMPETE

Centre for Neuroinformatics - CONI

MRRC EUTOPIA - Multidisciplinary Centre for International and Development Projects

MRRC UL SI-AHA - UL Multidisciplinary Research and Development Centre for Social Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing