The University of Ljubljana is aware of the importance of supervisors in doctoral programmes. Supervisors are the key persons ensuring the high quality of doctoral dissertations and the development of excellent PhD holders. The quality of supervision depends not only on the supervisor, but primarily on the quality of the relationship between them and the doctoral student. Without being aware of their joint obligations, rights and expectations it is not possible to anticipate a successful completion of the programme. It is in the doctoral programme in particular that the relationship between the supervisor and student goes beyond mere research collaboration.

Supervisors have a key role in defining the doctoral study programme, providing advice and guidance for their research, registering their dissertation topic proposals, producing their dissertation and evaluating their progress on an ongoing basis. Supervisors play an important and responsible part in the doctoral students’ professional and personal growth, serving as role models, both professionally and privately. It is vital for the supervisor and student to trust one another and see the doctoral study rogramme as a joint research project.