In the 12th regular session of the UL Senate on 27 November 2018, the University of Ljubljana established the Research and Development Centre of the University of Ljubljana (RDC UL). This organisational unit of the University of Ljubljana is comprised of UL multidisciplinary research and development centres (MRDC UL), which link together various fields of research. The RDC UL represents support for the research work at the University of Ljubljana. The principal aim is to provide for the research, development and educational linking of UL member institutions in fields with multidisciplinary content.

Each multidisciplinary research and development centre (MRDC) has the following roles and tasks:

  • development and linking: contribute to the overall professional development of the individual multidisciplinary field, where it functions in a distinctly interdisciplinary way, organises international workshops and includes the exchange of experts and students with leading institutions in Europe and around the world, representing a bridge between the academic and research sphere and the business sector;
  • research: bring together, link, encourage and assist various researchers in this area. Researchers in different fields may in this way professionally cover various aspects, enabling the enhancement of existing knowledge and the development of new solutions in an individual multidisciplinary field;
  • career, applied and motivational: bring together examples of best practices, motivate students/young people and facilitate the employment of young doctoral graduates and post-doctoral associates;
  • educational: strive for the inclusion of this topic in existing programmes at higher education and other educational institutions, and further development of education in this area.