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University of Ljubljana FACULTY OF EDUCATION
Kardeljeva pl. 16, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: +386 1 589 22 31


prof. dr. Janez Krek, University of Ljubljana Faculty of Education

Scientific fields/Modules/Areas:

Teacher Education: Teaching, learning and education, teaching Slovene language and literature, teaching mathematics, computing, natural sciences and technical studies, teaching social sciences and the humanities, teaching in the area of art
Educational Sciences: Social education, Special and rehabilitation education, Preschool education, Educational policies, Supervision, organisation and personal counselling.

The programme is organised by the University of Ljubljana and provided by:
University of Ljubljana Faculty of Education

Number of available places: 25
Application deadline: September 01, 2021
Fee per programme: €12,000.00
Fee per study year:
1st year: €3,000.00
2nd year: €3,000.00
3rd year: €3,000.00
4th year: €3,000.00

The doctoral programme in Teacher education and Educational science is aimed at highly trained future experts in the larger area of education. The fundamental aim of the programme is to create highly trained experts and future scientists who will understand the basic concepts of theoretical and methodological approaches in the area of teacher education and educational science. The programme devotes special attention to the interrelationship of teaching, learning, and the assessment processes, since these are the key factors in developing the appropriate competences. Graduates of the programme will be capable of creating new knowledge in the area and solving scientific problems with an interdisciplinary approach.

The doctoral programme in Teacher Education and Educational Science is organized by the Faculty of Education with the cooperation of recognized experts in related areas from other faculties of the University of Ljubljana. The programme offers two study orientations: in the scientific area of Teacher Education and in the scientific area of Educational Sciences, both structured modularly. The programme curriculum consists of student research work and organized forms of study, and it comprises obligatory modules, study orientation modules, and elective modules. In its content, the doctoral programme follows the approach defined by the European TUNING project and therefore fulfils all the criteria for international exchange in Europe.