Dear prospective master degree student,

It is my pleasure to invite you to study at the University of Ljubljana, the oldest and most prominent University in the Republic of Slovenia and one of the biggest in Europe. Master studies at the University of Ljubljana offer advanced study, research and specialization in practically all fields of education, be it art, natural sciences, social sciences, health and medicine. Our programmes include interdisciplinary combinations as active response to the environmental and societal developments worldwide.

We excel in many fields of research constituting and establishing bordering combinations of scientific and professional fields such as cognitive science, applied statistics, environmental challenges, sustainable development, risk managements and other challenges facing humankind at present and even more in the future. The degree programmes are designed to provide research opportunities, international experience and largely tailor made curricula meeting your individual interests, connected with the profession and the career you wish to pursue. Graduate education at the University of Ljubljana is designed not only as high quality teaching and learning, but also as a combination of contemporary evolution of disciplines, their combinations and future trends in which you are invited to actively participate.

So, take a new step towards mastering your profession, join the vibrant academic community of the University of Ljubljana and become our alumni.


Polonca Miklavc Valenčič,
Head of the Universty Office for Bachelor and Master Degree Programmes

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The University of Ljubljana accredited over 200 master degree programmes, more than 10 are joint, i.e. accredited and provided jointly by the University of Ljubljana and universities from abroad. Not all accredited master degree programmes are offered for enrolment every year. University Members (faculties and academies) offer 195 master degree programmes in the academic year 2018/2019. The programme provision is published in the annual Call for enrolment, expected in February for the next academic year.

The Call includes offered degree programmes, the relevant programme data regarding study duration, entry requirements, access criteria and number of available places. Candidates are provided with explanations of entry requirements and costs of study at the University Member (academy or faculty) contacts, together with information about enrolment application, application deadlines, required evidence of fulfilment of entry requirements, and any pecial talents testings.

The listed  fees are valid for the 2018/2019 academic year. Administrative costs and compulsory health insurance are not included in the fees. These needs to be taken care of before the start of the studies.

Fee is paid by: 

  • students of non-EU countries, excluding persons granted international protection, applicants for international protection and persons from countries with which the Republic of Slovenia has concluded bilateral agreement (Slovenia has concluded bilateral agreements with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo);
  • all students with already aquired equivalent degree of education;
  • all part-time students. 


SLO – degree programme is provided in Slovenian
ENG – degree programme is provided in English
cENG – degree programme will be provided in English if the required number of students enrol in the programme (as determined in the Call for enrolment)

SLO required - the candidates have to provide evidence of Slovenian language skills proficiency at level B2 of Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR)

Combined - degree programme which are provided in pairs of two (e.g. Geography and History)

Transfer - available places only for transfer

The candidates have to provide evidence of Slovenian language skills proficiency at level B2 of Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR) if they wish to enrol at the University of Ljubljana: