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The basic programme goal is to provide students and graduates with professional knowledge obtained by studying the disciplines of musical reproduction, production, musicology and musical pedagogy , in order to encourage and enable synthetic, analytic and creative thinking and solving of problems and flexible use of knowledge in practice. The initiative/ambition encompasses the values of continuous personal advancement and professional improvement, whereby sensitivity (awareness) to the natural and social environment, national culture, heritage, identity, multiculturalism and non-discrimination is the basis for future education and training. Other general goals of this programme include: the ability to manage time, independent planning, self-control when implementing plans and capability of using information and communication technology in upbringing and education, knowledge and understanding of social systems, especially processes in upbringing and education, the ability to cooperate/teamwork and sensibility for people and social situations, knowledge and understanding of developmental laws, differences and needs of the individual, understanding of individual values and value systems, managing professional and ethical issues.