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The aim of the bachelor’s degree programme Music education is to educate students for planning and teaching music education and leading choirs at the primary and secondary school level in general education as well as for teaching at the preschool level in music schools under supervision of a competent teacher.

Furthermore, the study educates students for planning and leading programmes for other target audiences in the field of informal education as well as for work in a team environment together with teachers, parents and the technical staff.
The programme gives graduates the necessary knowledge for planning and teaching music education and choral singing.

Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates will

  • gain technical knowledge in the fields of musical performance, composition, musicology and music education;
  • develop synthetic, analytic and creative thinking and problem-solving as well as flexibility in using their knowledge in practice;
  • build their enthusiasm and ambition, the virtues of constant personal progress and professional development;
  • be sensitive to the natural and social environment, national culture, heritage, identity, multiculturalism and indiscrimination;
  • develop skills of time management, self-planning, self-control over executing plans and ICT to use in education;
  • be familiar with and understand social systems, especially the processes relevant to education;
  • have the ability to work in a team/to cooperate and the sensitivity towards people and social situations;
  • be familiar with and understand characteristics, differences and needs of development of each individual;
  • understand individual values and value systems and will be able to deal with professional ethical issues.