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Doctoral programme in ARCHITECTURE


University of Ljubljana FACULTY OF ARCHITECTURE
Zoisova 12, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: +386 1 200 07 82


Prof. dr. Tadeja Zupančič, University of Ljubljana Faculty of Architecture

The programme is organised by the University of Ljubljana and provided by:
University of Ljubljana Faculty of Architecture

Number of available places: 15
Application deadline: August 24, 2018
Fee per programme: €12,000.00
Fee per study year: €4,000.00

The Architecture doctoral programme offers education for future independent scientific researchers in the broadest area of architecture. Students are expected to demonstrate responsibility towards the cultural region and excellence at an international level. The fundamental aim of the programme is to offer an in-depth understanding of the theoretical and methodological concepts deriving from the essence of architecture as a science and an art. The student should also be able to develop new knowledge in the area of architecture as a generic field and to transfer scientific achievements and new knowledge into architectural practice.

The Architecture doctoral programme is organized and carried out by the Faculty of Architecture with the cooperation of individual internationally recognized experts in the area of architecture. The subjects offered by the programme are organized into three modules, the General module, the Architectural module, and the Interdisciplinary module. In accordance with the research project, doctoral students form their individual programme by choosing subjects from all three modules. Several forms of international collaboration are also offered to the students.