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Doctoral degree programmes



Aškerčeva 6, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: +386 1 477 11 69

prof. dr. Miha Boltežar, University of Ljubljana Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Scientific fields/Modules/Areas:
Constructional and Mechanical Engineering Sciences, Energetical, Process and Environmental Engineering Sciences, Production Engineering Sciences, Cybernetics and Mechatronics
The programme is organised by the University of Ljubljana and provided by:
University of Ljubljana Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Number of available places:
Application deadline:
 1 September 2022
Fee per programme:
Fee per study year:
1st year: €4,200.00
2nd year: €4,200.00
3rd year: €4,200.00
4th year: €4,000.00

The growth of the economy and its increased competitiveness largely depends on the ability to develop new products, new manufacturing procedures, and process technologies, all of which call for highly educated human resources which are capable of such endeavours. The doctoral programme in Mechanical Engineering is targeted at graduates of natural science and engineering programmes to provide highly trained experts and future scientists in the fields of mechanical engineering who will be capable of independent research, the creation of new knowledge and the transfer of new knowledge into the economic environment.

The doctoral programme in Mechanical engineering is organized by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering with the cooperation of some internationally recognized foreign experts. The main emphasis of the doctoral study is on research. In addition, students will obtain the necessary theoretical basis and methodological skills for scientific work through mandatory seminars and elective courses. In accordance with the programme, students can study two semesters at other universities and are allowed to satisfy up to one third of their study requirements elsewhere.