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No. of ECTS credit points


Scientific title

doktor znanosti/doktorica znanosti (abbreviation: dr.)

in English language: Doctor of Philosophy (abbreviation: Ph.D.)

About the programme

Scientific advances in the biological sciences over the last two decades have led to discoveries that have significantly updated or even revised long-held theories. Rapid developments in many areas of the life sciences and ever new opportunities to apply new knowledge for the benefit of society are reflected in the need for new experts. Biosciences is an interdisciplinary doctoral programme that involves all the best researchers from the UL and the participating institutes, and gives PhD students access to the state-of-the-art scientific research facilities needed for high-quality research. The main focus of the doctoral programme is on research work based on an interdisciplinary approach, on the collaboration of internationally renowned experts and on international exchange of students and teachers.

How to apply

For the call for enrolment, candidates have to apply on the eVŠ online portal.

At the latest at the time of enrolment, the candidate must submit a written agreement from the mentor or possible co-mentor to accept the mentoring or co-mentoring. At the same time, the candidate must also submit a brief conceptual outline of the research.


23 August 2024, 23:59 CET

Information day

The Information day is planned for May. Candidates can find all information and instructions on the Faculty's website.


Tuition fees by year:

€ 3,800 for the 1st year
€ 3,800 for the 2nd year
€ 2,200 for the 3rd year
€ 2,200 for the 4th year

That is € 12,000 for the whole study programme.

Programme coordinator

izr. prof. dr. Valentina Schmitzer, Chair of the Biosciences Programme Board


    Univerza v Ljubljani, Biotehniška fakulteta, Jamnikarjeva ulica 101, 1000 Ljubljana