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Although the Faculty of Pharmacy is one of the newest members of the University of Ljubljana, it is steeped in over 50 years of tradition in clinical and biochemical professional education. It is the only faculty offering these types of programmes in Slovenia and is also considered a medium sized faculty of pharmacy on the European scale. The Faculty of Pharmacy is an active member of the European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy and the Pharmine consortium that aims to ensure quality in pharmacy education and training. Studies at the faculty are characterised by the students’ high motivation, the programmes’ highly interdisciplinary nature, the diverse study approaches and good connections with potential employers both in the economic (pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical wholesalers, representative offices) and the public sectors (pharmacies, hospitals, medical laboratories). A great deal of attention is paid to including students in research at all three levels of education. The faculty has signed student exchange agreements allowing students to carry out their study obligations at 40 universities throughout Europe. During their studies, students will acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to make them highly employable.