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The field of social work deals with the extremely wide range of the population who experience a variety of social, psychological, economic, medical and other hardships. The field is embedded in a variety of public services, yet it also acts within voluntary and private organisations in social services, education, health and legal authorities, the police, government and industry. It derives its present form from the various traditions and applications of a plethora of varied techniques – from counselling and therapy, group and community work and training in social skills to individual planning. Social work deals with all of these areas in terms of social justice and reduction of the harmful consequences of social transformation, in terms of the everyday circumstances and needs of people and in terms of global processes and structural change. The development and dissemination of theoretical concepts, models and methods of social work in the educational process and the practice of the Faculty for Social Work contribute to fundamental social values and objectives such as: quality of life for individuals, families and groups; social justice, dignity and equal opportunity; solidarity and social integration; anti-poverty efforts and social exclusion.