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The Academy of Music of the University of Ljubljana is a pedagogic, artistic and research institution. Besides the old university study programmes that are about to expire, there are two first cycle university study programmes being carried out:

  • Musical arts with courses for all orchestral instruments, voice, saxophone, recorder, piano, organ, harpsichord, accordion, guitar, composition, musical theory, conducting of sacral music;
  • Music education. 

The artistic activity of the Academy of Music is rich and of top quality. The best students introduce themselves in three concert cycles: during the concert subscription series with representative larger musical groups such as the symphonic orchestra, wind instrument orchestra, chamber string orchestra of the Academy of Music, chamber choir, mixed choir, Gregorian choir, during the chamber cycle, where the best chamber formations from all departments present themselves and during the cycle of solo concerts, where the best solo artists from the majority of study programmes present themselves. The research activity of UL AG is being carried out mainly at the departments for composition and musical theory, at the department of musical education and at the annual international musicology symposium. An important part of the Academy of Music is its connection to various Slovenian and international institutions. Primarily in the artistic field, its quality is internationally recognised, because larger formations and individual students successfully represent themselves at numerous centres, such as Berlin, Vienna, Graz, Amsterdam, Salzburg, Trieste, Zagreb, Hamburg, Belgrade, etc.