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The Faculty of Computer and Information Science at the University of Ljubljana is the largest Slovenian institution of higher education in computer science, with the longest tradition of education in this field. It was established on 1 January 1996 after the split of the then Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer and Information Science into two faculties, the Faculty of Computer and Information Science and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, whereas the study of computer science had started already as early as 1973. The chief mission of the Faculty of Computer and Information Science is to educate top-level professionals in computer and information science at all levels and to nurture academic and professional development areas. It strives to be among the leading universities in our field in Eastern and South Eastern Europe and maintain global recognition. With our academic and research achievements, we aim to contribute to the evolution of the profession and the general development of our immediate environment. At the first-cycle level, four study programmes are offered: the university and professional programme in Computer Science and Informatics and two interdisciplinary programmes, Computing and Mathematics in cooperation with the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and Administrative Information in cooperation with the Faculty of Administration. In the second and third cycle, in addition to the basic programmes of Computers and Information, conducted jointly with the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, a second stage interdisciplinary study programmes in Computer Science and Mathematics is available. We also cooperate in a series of other interdisciplinary programmes together with other faculties and universities. In addition to standard education, the Faculty is also involved in the on-going training of computer professionals and experts in various fields that require knowledge in IT. The education of young researchers is very important to us. During a postgraduate course, students are under the supervision of university professors guiding them to enter the research and scientific field of work. The Faculty also cooperates very closely with the industry and related education and research institutions both nationally and internationally.