Publish Date: 29.09.2023

Category: News from the University

Austrian researcher Dr. Sanela Pansinger has been awarded a postdoctoral ERA fellowship under the European Commission's call for proposals HORIZON-WIDERA-2022-TALENTS for a two-year research project HUBCITIES at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, where she will work with her supervisor Dr. Lucija Ažman Momirski from the Department of History, Theory and Restoration. Dr. Lucija Ažman Momirski explained, 'The main aim of the project is to develop a new approach to sustainable spatial development of airport and seaport areas using citizen science. Residents are actively involved in co-designing and negotiating future spatial and urban development through joint research with urban planners. This approach makes urban planning more satisfying for residents, professionals and all other stakeholders".

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