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October 13 was the last day when there was a special desk at the Administrative Unit for our students, where you could apply for your residence permits without making an appointment. From Friday, October 13 onwards, YOU NEED TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT THROUGH THE UE Naročanje APPLICATION or via phone number 01 828 16 90, since there is no longer a special desk for students. 

You can also send the application and other necessary documentation by post to the address UE Ljubljana, Tobačna ulica 5, 1000 Ljubljana, but if you apply for the first time, they will call you to give them your fingerprints, so you will have to make an appointment then.

Please read the information we have written carefully and prepare all the necessary documentation on time, and submit the same documentation together with the completed form to the Administrative Unit by the specified deadlines

You need to perform these processes yourself, and the already mentioned materials that we published on this page will help you with that. Please start the process of collecting documentation on time and be well informed about the deadlines that you need to meet and the processes that you must go through, since this only affects your stay in the country, and therefore it can also affect your studies.

Go to our page BOOK AN APPOINTMENT to see the process of booking an appointment for applying for temporary residence permit.


If you are a student who already has a temporary residence permit that was valid until September 30, 2023, and you did not manage to extend it until the end of September, please pay attention to the following information.
  • Any extension/renewal of the permit must be done by the date when the permit expires - for most students, the permit is valid until the end of the student status, i.e. until September 30. This means that in order to extend the permit, you must send/hand over the documentation by September 30 at the latest.
  • If you did not succeed to apply until September 30, you cannot apply for an extension of the permit, but you will have to apply for a new permit and follow the procedure as if you were applying for the first time. In that case, there is two scenarios:
    • If you have recently returned to Slovenia and have a stamp in your passport, where it says the date of your entry, you only need to submit the documentation and the form for a new permit, according to the below-listed instructions on our website.
    • If you are in Slovenia for more than three months, or you do not have a stamp in your passport showing that you entered Slovenia less than three months agoyou must leave the country, i.e. from the Schengen area and get a stamp in your passport that you have re-entered the country. The nearest borders are with Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This means that you must enter one of these two countries, and return to the Schengen area again (enter Croatia), and get a stamp on the border on which the date of your entry is written. After that, you can apply for new temporary residence permit, according to the below-listed instructions on our website

If you have any doubts or questions about this, you can contact us at 

Please, be careful when it comes to extending the permit, so that such situations do not occur, which can only make your stay in Slovenia and your studies more difficult. You can always contact us about anything, so whenever you have a doubt, it's important to ask us, thus making your stay easier.

Please, read the below-listed instructions carefully and with their help prepare to hand over these documents, so that the process will go as smoothly and quickly as possible. We also invite you to watch VIDEO GUIDANCE on how to apply for a temporary residence permit.

As we have already emphasized, all information is informative and subject to change, and we try to update this information daily. We hope that you have enough information to make this process go without any problems. 

If you encounter any problems or questions that cannot be found on this page, please contact the contact person at academy/ faculty you are enrolled in. Please note that you need to perform these processes yourself, and the already-mentioned materials that we published on this page will help you with that. Contact persons can provide you with additional information, but they do not submit applications on your behalf.

For additional information about the documentation review you can write to us at .