Shanghai QS Webometrics URAP
WR: 501 - 600
NR: 1
591 - 600 WR: 327
NR: 1
WR: 359
NR: 1


WR: world ranking
NR: national ranking


The ARWU ranking is the most established and most influential international quality ranking of universities which, inter alia, takes into account the indicators in the field of SCI citations of scientific works, the number of publications of articles in eminent journals, e.g. Nature and Science, and the number of employees or alumni who have received the Nobel Prize or the Fields Medal.

The Webometrics ranking evaluates the quality of web presence of universities in terms of accessibility and digital scientific and professional publications, access to knowledge databases and other online activities, all of which indicate the creation and dissemination of high-quality knowledge.

The URAP ranking ranks universities according to the number of published articles and citations regarding the quality of the journal (impact factor) and international cooperation.