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Before the academic year 2023/24 we will perform an INTENSIVE ONLINE COURSE OF SLOVENE intended for candidates for study at the University of Ljubljana who are applying for the first time to a bachelor's or master's degree program and are candidates for participation in the Year Plus module.

  • The goal is to enable at least some of the prospective students of the University of Ljubljana to begin intensive learning of the Slovenian language before the start of the academic year and before arrival in Slovenia.
  • It is intended for complete beginners / to those who have not yet learned the language.
  • The course is expected to take place in the first three weeks of September, 4 hours per day via Zoom.
  • For organizational reasons, we can only accept a limited number of students (up to 60). Preference will be given to those who register early. 
  • Conditions for application and participation in the intensive online course of Slovene:

1. you are enrolled into one of the UL study programs and you haver no previous knowledge of Slovene,
2. you don't not need proof of previous knowledge of Slovenian language at B2 level to enroll in the chosen study program (required e.g. by the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy ...),
3. you have a good internet connection, a computer with a camera and microphone and a quiet room to study,

4. you provide the required material (textbook) yourself.


You can apply HERE, from 7. 8. - 18.8. 2023 until the vacancies are filled.  After August 22, you will be notified whether you have been accepted and get more intormation.