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Tutelage at University of Ljubljana

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Tutoring is the systematic guidance of students through their studies. It does not focus only on their academic development, but also on their personal development. The tutoring system provides support for students during their studies, increases the number of students progressing to the next year, provides students with advice on how to form the elective part of their programme, organises and provides assistance in the study of individual subjects, mandatory practical work, etc. Student and teacher tutoring are well established, since both students and teachers can take on the role of a tutor.

The most common forms of student tutoring are:
  1. Introductory student tutoring– aimed at first year students
    An introductory tutor provides individual advice and helps students to integrate into the academic and non-academic environment.
  2. Subject-specific student tutoringadditional assistance for students in understanding the study materials of a specific subject
    A subject-specific tutor helps students to familiarise themselves with the required sources and bibliography, recommends and explains various methods and strategies of studying for a particular subject.
  3. Student tutoring for special needs students guidance for students with special needs
    A tutor for special needs students provides individual advice and helps students integrate into the academic and non-academic environment.
  4. Student tutoring for international students – assistance for international students after their arrival in Slovenia
    A tutor for international students helps international students take care of administrative matters and integrate into student life and a new culture.

Tutors are available to students during tutoring hours or individually upon prior agreement over the phone or by email.

Students can get more information on tutoring programmes at their faculties or academies.