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    Instructions for applying to tender for young researchers at the University of Ljubljana

    Read the text of the tender before filling out the application form. The text is available on the University of Ljubljana website (please click here for unofficial translation). The selection procedure will include timely and complete applications of the candidates who will be eligible for the tender.

    The candidate must apply separately for the Call to tender for doctoral study programmes at the University of Ljubljana and also enroll.

    The candidate is obliged to monitor all notices, information and instructions regarding the subject of the call, published by the University of Ljubljana on the website, and consider these notices, information and instructions as an integral part of the invitation to tender.


    1.  The candidate registers to the university information system (please click here for English version) under “registration for using the application - application for the call to tender for young researcher candidates”. The candidate enters his/her birth data, chooses gender and citizenship, and enters a permanent address and a postal address, if it is different from the permanent address. The candidate must provide an e-mail address and a telephone number fully operational during the time of the call to tender. These data are required for the purposes of communication with the candidates and for communicating the time for the candidate’s interview with his/her mentor. The candidate selects the tender to which he/she is applying and confirms the registration.

    2. In the next step, the candidate will be given a registration code which, together with his/her birth data, will be entered in the section “application for the call to tender for young researcher candidates”. The candidate receives the code to the indicated e-mail address presumably within one hour.

    3.  After entering the application, the candidate selects the Login/Prijava tab in the menu and enters all the missing information into the application form. 

    4. The candidate enters all necessary information on completed education.

    5.  The candidate fills in the data on enrolment in a doctoral degree study programme.

    6.  In the next step, the candidate chooses the mentor to whom he/she is applying.

    7.  The candidate shall indicate which of the following non-mandatory attachments he/she wishes to be taken into account when assessing his/her application and will be uploaded after the submission of the application (the choice cannot be altered afterwards):

    • evidence of University of Ljubljana Prešeren Award or Prešeren Award from a University of Ljubljana Member (faculty/academy) or evidence of a comparable award from a University of Ljubljana Member (other awards and commendations are not considered in the evaluation);
    • evidence of authorship or co-authorship of scientific article(s): extract from COBISS (if the candidate is not yet registered in COBISS and has published articles in co-authorship, he/she can provide an extract from one of the co-authors and mark the relevant articles) or a scan of the published articles in the magazines (an article from the magazine and the table of contents of the magazine must be scanned so that the published article is evident);
    • description of the candidate’s experiences of collaboration on research work: the candidate describes the collaboration on a research project that he/she has participated in so far with the mentor he/she is applying for as young researcher (e.g. participating in a research project during his/her studies, seminar papers, his/her diploma thesis, research work carried out for the Prešeren Award or other award, etc.) or describes the collaboration on a research project that he/she has participated in with a different mentor (if possible, this mentor should sign the description or provide other proof to confirm the description of research experience).

    8. The candidate reads and confirms the data, provided in the application form as true, accurate and complete. The candidate determines if he/she grants permission to the University of Ljubljana to verify the authenticity of statements in the application documentation with holders of public record data or competent institutions that process data that he/she listed in the tender documentation. If the candidate does not grand permission, he/she might be subsequently called upon to provide appropriate evidence of meeting the tender requirements.

    9. The candidate then submits the application. The application is not yet complete at this point.

    10.  In the menu, on the subpage Attachments/Priloge, the candidate must upload all the mandatory attachments and those non-obligatory attachments that he/she indicated in the application.

    11.  Mandatory attachments are proof of education and, in the case of non-fulfilment of the condition regarding the year they completed their study programme, a certificate of utilization of parental leave or a medical certificate for a prolonged sick leave.

    The mandatory evidence of education is as follows:

    • for candidates that have already completed their study programme:
      - diploma certificate for the study programme, with which they have enrolled / will enroll in a doctoral degree programme
      - official transcript of all the grades for the study programme, with which they have enrolled / will enroll in a doctoral degree programme
    • for candidates that haven't completed their study programme yet:
      - official transcript of all the grades they have received so far for the study programme, with which they will enroll to a doctoral degree programme 

    12.  Only after the candidate has uploaded all the mandatory attachments from the previous article, and those non-mandatory attachments, which he/she has previously marked, will his/her application be complete. A successful submission of a complete application will be notified to the candidate by e-mail within an hour.

    13. The candidate must submit the application and upload all attachments no later than the deadline, stated in the call to tender. After the deadline, it will no longer be possible to log in to the information system. Candidates are advised not to submit applications shortly before the expiration of the deadline, as server overload may occur.