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The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering of the University of Ljubljana has added geotechnology, materials, graphic and interactive communications and textile and clothing design to its traditional offer of study programmes that covers geology, mining, metallurgy and textiles. Those areas are individually, and even more so when combined, a foundation of developed societies and countries offering at three educational levels comprehensive knowledge in natural sciences, technical sciences and technology, information and communication technology, and arts and design. Through individual selection of courses at the faculty’s departments as well as at other faculties, basic expert knowledge can be upgraded through selected topics from economics, marketing and management. Students, in addition to receiving theoretical expert, scientific and artistic foundations, undertake practical research and creative project work that is enabled by labs, workshops and IT equipment. The teaching methods promote innovativeness, creative thinking and teamwork, providing graduates flexibility in finding a job and working in groups, an entrepreneurial spirit and managerial abilities. The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering comprises five departments: Department of Geology, Department of Mining and Geotechnology, Department of Chemical Education and Informatics, Department of Materials and Metallurgy and Department of Textiles. Their work is supported by the Infrastructure Centres of the Department of Textiles and the Department of Materials and Metallurgy as well as the respective department libraries.