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University of Ljubljana Veterinary Faculty


Single-cycle master degree programme 2018/2019
Number of ECTS credit points
Language of instruction
Fee per study year
Fee per programme
6 years

System of health care and rearing of poultry    €3,000.00
Bujatrics    €3,000.00
Diseases and health care of birds, small mammals and reptiles    €6,000.00
Veterinary public health and safe food    €6,000.00
Veterinary medicine of small animals    €6,000.00
OTHER STUDENT'S CONTRIBUTIONS   (medical examination, exercises, exursions…)
Exercises for:    
5th study year - Veterinary sanitary control of slaughter animals and meat  €57.04
5th study year - Diseases and health care of ruminants    €51.56
4th study year - Reproduction of domestic animals and obstetrics    €24.53
3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th study year - compensation allowance for clothing (slaughter house)  €9.00
Contribution for the Students' Council  €2.50
6th study year- transport to clinical exercises    €15.00
Average mailing costs for postal communicaton abroad plus VAT  €10.00