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University of Ljubljana Faculty of Pharmacy


Master degree programmes 2018/2019
Number of ECTS credit points
Language of instruction
Fee per study year
Fee per programme
2 years
2 years

More information in Slovenian language 2018/2019

The students of all programmes, if FFA does not carry them out separately for candidates, who have to pay tuition (60 ECTS credits) €6,600.00
The price of the course implementation with an exam for persons without a student status and the price of course for bridge exams for students, if the course is not implemented in its entirety for a candidate, is charged according to the proportional part of their missing course load in ECTS Tariff section of the pricelist 4.2. and 4.3. €110.00/ECTS
Regardless of the extent of courses finished during the candidate's student status, the thesis with its defence is charged in accordance with Item 8 of the UL tariff section of the pricelist   Tariff section of the pricelist
Lifelong learning - Parts of 2nd cycle degree programme Laboratory Medicine Part 1  €2,700.00
Practical training - one semester 5th study year of Single-cycle degree programme Pharmacy 5th year (30 ECTS credits)  €1,800.00
OTHER STUDENT'S CONTRIBUTIONS   (medical examination, exercises, exursions…)
Excursion    €2.50
SMS informing (optional)    €5.00



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