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    1. Information days 2022
    2. International student welcome day, 15 September 2022 at 1 pm CEST
    3. Support and assistance for students affected by the crisis in Ukraine
    4. Support and assistance for researchers, teachers and administrative staff affected by the crisis in Ukraine
    5. Application periods 2021/2022
    6. Special note for prospective students
    7. Arrival to Slovenia: COVID-19 related information
    8. Questionnaire results
    9. POPR - Personal and Professional Development Portal
    10. UL presentation brochures in different languages
    11. Study at the University of Ljubljana
    12. Strategy for the internationalisation
    13. Project »Fostering Internationalization at Montenegrin HEIs through Efficient Strategic Planning / IESP«
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UL presentation brochures in different languages

We invite you to take a look at the University of Ljubljana presentation brochures, prepared in different languages.

Brochures provide interesting information on the history and development of the University of Ljubljana, current activities in the field of education, art and research, international cooperation, and knowledge transfer to the economy and society.

The brochures have been prepared by students studying Slovenian language at universities abroad.


Photo: STA