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Support and assistance for students affected by the crisis in Ukraine

  • Psychosocial councelling service welcomes students who would like someone to help them think over various views, issues, and dilemmas, and who would like to gain clarity about their (future) professional work or about issues that arise during practical work, when visiting or facing various users and institutions (supervision, coaching).
  • You can also contact the Social Legal Clinic for help. Contact: as. Sara Bagari,  and prof. dr. Grega Strban, .
  • Assistance may be offered also by your peer students at the Student Council, please contact them at  or .
  • If your permit for staying in Slovenia will expire soon, make sure that you apply for extension in time (keep in mind that Slovene administration is sometimes slow in processing applications). If you will need any help with that you can inform us or seek help at the Legal Clinic for Refugees and Foreigners (see above).
  • We are in continuous contact with the competent institutions in Slovenia (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, and the Embassy of Ukraine), as we want to make your stay in Slovenia easier.
  • Slovenia is willing to help those who find themselves in need because of the war in Ukraine. The Office of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for the Support and Integration of Migrants has established a government call center with experts from various fields offering information on support and assistance provided to Ukrainian citizens. The call center operates daily Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 6 pm. A toll-free number 080 41 42 is available for calls from Slovenia. For international calls, please dial +386 1478 7530. They have also established a special e-mail address . Up-to-date information and contact numbers are also available in SlovenianEnglish and Ukrainian language. 
  • Procedure for obtaining temporary protection for displaced persons from Ukraine: A person who, during the period of temporary protection, declares on entering the Republic of Slovenia that he or she intends to apply for temporary protection in the Republic of Slovenia, shall fill out an Application for Temporary Protection form which shall be submitted to the police and besides, they shall also present all the evidence at their disposal which is relevant for the decision on granting temporary protection. In addition to the right to temporary residence in the Republic of Slovenia, a person granted temporary protection shall also have the right to: accommodation and meals in accommodation centres or financial assistance for private accommodation, healthcare, work, education, financial assistance or pocket money, family reunification, free legal assistance, information on rights and obligations and assistance in exercising rights arising from Temporary Protection of Displaced Persons Act. More information.

  • Useful information on arriving to Slovenia can also be found here.


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