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On-line Pub Quiz, 30 October 2020 at 6 p.m.

Due to the current coronavirus pandemics our daily life has changed significantly. Social distancing, limited travel and also quarantine in some cases. 

Don't worry, we are here to give you some useful information and to support you.

Here are some useful links and ideas to make it easier for you to get through this time and to also to make the most of your quarantine.

You can improve your skills in various fields.

We have put together links to various online lecture resources. Check here and find something for yourself.

Don't forget to check also our e-classroom (E-učilnica) where you can find interesting materials and  webinars, which can be filtered out by provider of webinar or by date. Further more, we divided all webinars into three categories: personal growth and relationships, career, additional education.

Webinars and materials, that are in english starts with (en):

  • 3x3-about-thinking
  • Purpose-driven messaging (or how startup-style pitching can help you out in real life)
  • Homesickness as a challenge and opportunity for personal growth
  • How can EURAXESS support you
  • CVs and Covering Letters to help you find an Internship in the UK

Moving away for university is a big transition and feeling homesick is really normal. You're definitely not the only one. You can check some advices on our webinar Homesickness as a challenge and opportunity for personal growth. Listening of part one and part two of webinar might help you get through this period. It's totally normal to feel anxious, confused, isolated if it there is a necessity of the quarantine.

Don’t forget to laugh! That’s why we are inviting you to join on-line Pub Quiz on Friday 30 October at 6 p.m.


FiK's online pub quiz will give you an opportunity to flex your frontal lobe (and other parts of the brain) in this fun online event. The quiz will be constructed with a bunch of different themes and types of questions so everyone will have their "Oooo, I know this!" moment. Also, our quiz master has lots of jokes. Two of them are quite funny.

Quiz will be in English.

Hurry up with the application! The number of places is limited.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you online!

For this event (and all the other events held by Careers Centre) you can apply through our new platform called POPR - Personal and Professional Development Portal and you can login simply by following the instructions below.

Enrolled International Students: Login with your digital identity
Enter POPR with your student digital identity of the University of Ljubljana, which you got with enrollment and you use it for different UL services. You can download the digital identity on the ID portal page of the University of Ljubljana.

Erasmus Students: Login for Incoming students: Send us e-mail on  with: your name and surname, your student digital identity of the University of Ljubljana (it comes in this form: ), your student number (it has 8 digits and starts with 700 or 192). your course information (which courses you're taking). We will send you password to enter POPR and you are ready to use it. 

If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to ask us at . 

 Pop quiz