Nina Troha
Photo: Iztok Hvala, Text: Kaja Stradovnik

Troha Nina

A graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Ljubljana. She works in the area of investing in internet loans, which provides consumers, students and companies with easier and cheaper access to credit. She is employed in Silicon Valley in the USA.

She graduated in financial mathematics at the University of Ljubljana, and gained her doctorate at ETH/UZH university in Zürich in quantitative finance. She performed the job of scientific researcher for one year at Stanford University, where she developed a model of machine learning to predict credit capacity and the selection of optimal investments in internet loans. Her research paper “Optimal investments in internet loans”, which she composed together with the team at Stanford, was received at the 10th international financial risk forum which takes place each year in Paris. For her successful work she received an offer to pursue a doctorate at Stanford University, but since she wanted to test the entrepreneurial waters, she instead opted for employment in Silicon Valley as a credit analyst at the company Colchis Capital Management, LP.  Colchis Capital Management is a leading investment management company focused on investment in advanced fintech sources of financing such as internet loans for individuals, students and small companies. Here Nina is involved in managing investments and analysing credit capacity.