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Doctoral degree programmes

Application and enrolment in the Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine
Admission requirements

For admission to the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine, graduates of the following programmes can apply:

  • Second cycle study programmes;
  • Study programmes providing education for occupations regulated by Directives of the European Union (93/16/EEC for doctors, 78/1027/EEC for veterinarians, 78/687/EEC for dentists and 85/432/EEC for pharmacists) evaluated with at least 300 credits;
  • Study programmes leading to specialisation, if candidates have previously completed a higher education professional study programme. The Biomedicine Programme Council will specify additional entry requirements for candidates in individual areas amounting from 30 to 60 credits;
  • Study programmes leading to a master of science or to specialisation after completing an academic study programme. 60 credits of study obligations will be recognised to such candidates;
  • Academic study programmes.

Candidates with foreign qualifications are required to apply for recognition of their entry qualifications. The procedure starts with the candidate’s application for study in the Republic of Slovenia, which is submitted in electronic form on the eVŠ portal. The procedure is run by the authorised person at the University Member (academy or faculty).