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Doctoral degree programmes

Programme council and module co-ordinators
Module co-ordinators

1.   , National Institute of Biology, module »Biostatistics«
2.   , Faculty of Economics, module » Economic and Official Statistics«
3.   , Faculty of Economics, module »Business Statistics«
4.   , Faculty of Social Sciences, module »Statistics for Social Sciences«
5.   , Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, module »Mathematical Statistics«
6.   , Faculty of Arts, module »Psychological Statistics”
7.   , Faculty of Electrical Engineering, module »Technical Statistics«


Module co-ordinators have the following responsibilities:

  • Facilitation of regular study process.
  • On-time schedule preparation.
  • Coordination of work among students, mentors and lecturers.
  • On-time replacement of absent lecturers (in cooperation with relevant participating institutions).
  • Responsibility for improvement and updating of core module courses in agreement with the Programme Council (in the process, co-ordinators play an advisory role).