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Programme council and field co-ordinators
Programme Council

Members of programme council are:

  • prof. dr. Nataša Poklar Ulrih, UL BF
  • prof. dr. Borut Božič, UL FFA
  • prof. dr. Lucija Peterlin Mašič, UL FFA
  • izr. prof. dr. Marko Dolinar, UL FKKT
  • prof. dr. Igor Švab, UL MF
  • prof. dr. Ana Plemenitaš, UL MF
  • prof. dr. Robert Frangež, UL VF
  • prof. dr. Milka Vrecl Fazarinc, UL VF
  • prof. dr. Marina Dermastia, NIB
  • prof. dr. Roman Jerala, KI
  • prof. dr. Uroš Petrovič, IJS
  • David Lukanović, student


Programme Council’s responsibilities are:

  • Review of applications, selection of candidates,
  • Notification of responsible faculty as to the names of selected candidates.
  • Reports on study programme implementation.
  • Coordination of procedures for introduction of new courses and changes in the existing programme.
  • Analysis of efficiency in meeting the planned study programme goals.
  • Decision-making with regard to individual candidate applications and questions concerning the doctoral programme.
  • Facilitation of co-operation among lecturers.
  • Decision-making on expert issues.
  • Confirmation of Rules and Regulations concerning financial management of the programme.