The Student Council is a faculty or university body and is provided for by the Higher Education Act, the University Statutes and the Student Council Rules of Procedure.

Student Council members are representatives of the students and as such the only student representatives in the structure of the faculties or the university. The Higher Education Act and the University Statutes thus lay down the Student Council as the only representative of the opinions and interests of all the students of a faculty or the university within its bodies. In conjunction and collaboration with the student community, it implements the programme of extra-curricular student activities.

What for?
The Student Council discusses and submits its opinion on the University Statutes and all matters relating to the rights and obligations of the students to the relevant university bodies. The University Student Council puts forward its opinion on the candidates for university rector and elects the members of the university bodies and their working bodies from among the students.
In short, the Student Council allows students to participate in faculty or university bodies and state their opinions, suggestions and comments on specific matters, so that the voice of students is heard at all times and places.

How to become a member?
Elections to the student councils are held in the University of Ljubljana members in the second full week in November. As a rule, they consist of electing one representative from each study year or course with votes from the students in that year. The members of a university member’s student council then elect the leadership – the president, vice-president and secretary – from among themselves. They also elect student representatives in the Senate, Senate committees and the Academic Assembly, and in some cases also a student representative in the faculty Administrative Board. Any student of the University of Ljubljana may run for these positions.

Are you interested?
The effectiveness of a faculty’s student council depends above all on the activity and commitment of its members, the willingness of its leadership to cooperate, its visibility among students and its persistence.

The inclusion of student representatives in the bodies of the university and its members is our right and obligation.

In most members, student councils hold meetings once a month. If you are interested, you can attend; they are open to the public.

If you are willing to participate in the student council’s work, please contact the representatives within your member, where you will be welcomed with open arms; they never run out of work.

UL SC brochure
In January 2005, the Student Council of the University of Ljubljana published a brochure detailing the set-up of the University of Ljubljana and the role of the Student Council.