in the academic year 2015/2016

Information on Programmes and Programme Specific Entry Requirements

Table: Numbers of Available Places

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Welcome to the Call for enrolment into second cycle master study programmes of the University of Ljubljana in the academic year 2015/16.

The University of Ljubljana Member academies and faculties develop and offer various second cycle master study programmes. The programmes are developed as upgrading of the first cycle disciplines and study programmes. In addition, the call is also open for interdisciplinary and joint programmes, developed and offered jointly by the University of Ljubljana members and other Slovenian or foreign universities.
The University of Ljubljana invites candidates to apply to the second cycle master degree programmes in the study year 2015/16.

The Call for enrolment includes general information, as well as programme specific information on the entry requirements, and relevant contacts for further inquiries at specific faculty or academy, providing respectful programmes.

The listed programmes contain the following data: the name and the duration of the programme, access requirements, and possible limitations of the call (minimum number of the candidates to run the programme in the academic year 2015/16). Some programmes have additional access requirements. Therefore it is of utmost importance that the call includes this and other important information as well.

Any additional inquiries regarding application to individual programmes should be addressed to the relevant University Member faculty or academy.

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Candidates are requested to submit applications for enrolment in the electronic application. Please follow the relevant instructions and make sure that you enclose all the relevant documentation to your application, as required by the programme or by the faculty/academy.

The deadline for applications is September 10 2015, unless differently defined by individual study programme. In such a case the date noted by the programme should be observed as the closing date for applications for that specific study programme.

After the closing date, it is only possible to apply to the programmes with still available places until all the places are taken and no later than September 30, 2015. The information on the number and availability of places is available at the respectful faculty/academy.
Enrolment into the second cycle master study programmes is completed at the latest by September 30, 2015. In case of special circumstances or due to appeals by October 30, 2015.


In case of limited access, the applications will be assessed against selection criteria specific to the course of study (study programme) for which you have applied.

Where the programme specific entry requirements require the candidates to pass preliminary testing of special abilities test, the deadline for the applications is by rule set earlier, so that the faculty/academy can contact the applicants and invite them to preliminary testing. The accompanying costs are published in the University student services' Price list.

If the candidate's qualifications do not meet the general entry requirements for direct entry, the candidate will be requested to provide additional proof of competences. Such additional requirements should be fulfilled before registration to the programme.


Candidates can also apply to the second year of the two-year master study programmes, providing they meet the requirements, set by the study programme.

The candidates aiming at registering on two courses must meet the requirements set by the Statute of the University of Ljubljana. Please use the same procedure and forms.
The closing dates of this call apply to all groups of candidates.

The number of available places for entering the second year of respectful programmes is in the attached table. Where there are no numbers, please contact the relevant faculty or academy for further information.


The tuition fees are charged to part-time students, the students, already having the same level of education completed and to students of the third countries, with which there is no agreement concluded between the countries, on omitting the fees. The fees are published in the University Price list.


Candidates with foreign qualifications are required to apply for recognition of their entry qualifications. The applications for recognition of the entry qualifications should be submitted at the same time as applications to the programme, but separately. The applications should be sent to the Univerza v Ljubljani, Kongresni trg 12, Ljubljana, Slovenija.

More information: Information on Enrolment for Foreign Citizens at the University of Ljubljana

After registration, you can ask for recognition of prior learning, relevant to the contents of the programme you have registered. The procedures and criteria are defined by the university rules, adopted by the University of Ljubljana Senate.
Please contact tutors at the faculty/academy to learn more about the procedure.

Call for enrolment to individual University Member faculties/academies:

- Academy of music

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- Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television

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- Academy of Fine Arts and Design

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- Biotechnical faculty

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- Faculty of economics

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- Faculty of architecture

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- Faculty of social sciences

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- Faculty of electrical engineering

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- Faculty of pharmacy

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- Faculty of civil engineering and geodesy

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- Faculty of chemistry and chemical technology

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- Faculty of mathematics and physics

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- Faculty of martime studies and transport

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- Faculty of computer and information science

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- Faculty of social work

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- Faculty of mechanical engineering

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- Faculty of sport

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- Faculty of administration

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- Faculty of arts

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- Faculty of natural sciences and engineering

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